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The Green Route of the Saw is a former railway infrastructure in disuse conditioned for tourist use (hiking, cycle – tourism and I walk astride) that crosses 36 km from highland landscapes between the localities of Highland Port and Olvera, between the provinces of Cadiz and Seville (Spain). It forms a part of the Green Routes of Spain, coordinated by the Foundation of the Spanish Railroads. It is the only one recognized as Route of Tourist Interest of Andalusia. Also it is rewarded by two European prizes and other one to the excellence.

A bit of History

It passes along the former railway tracing Jerez-Almargen..tunel de coripe-1

At present, they find passable 36 kilometres joining the localities of Highland Port and Olvera.

The functioning of this ferreous line was begun to study at the beginning of the 19th century. Under the patronages of the From Cadiz Deputation they gave to themselves the first steps for the creation of an economic railroad that was stirring the region of the saw into action. In 1.887 one presented a preliminary design that was contemplating a line from Sherry to Setenil, with a branch that it was finishing in Grazalema.

At the beginning of the 20th century, believe itself in Sherry the Company for the Studies of the Railroad Jerez-Villamartín-Setenil, which develops an elaborated project. But it is in 1926, during the dictatorship of Cousin of Rivera, when there is approved the construction of the Railroad of the Saw.

The fall of the dictatorship and the economic seclusion that him continued, they determined the interruption of the works, which were never completed.
Current importance

La tuneles-de-la-via-verde-de-la-sierra-de-cadizThe Green Route of the Saw is the most important tourist enclave of several municipalities. It joins the from Cadiz localities of Highland Port and Olvera, happening for Coripe’s Sevillian municipal areas and Prune. It shapes an exceptional tour full of tunnels, ways and a great landscape variety. These routes pass on railway tracings in disuse. Each of the sections for which it passes the Green Route relies on places for housing, that they were the former railway restored stations. A total of 30 tunnels we find in the tour of the green route of the saw, being that of major length the tunnel of the castle with 990 meters. Between 4 viaducts we can emphasize that of Coripe with 237 meters of length.

Coripe is a villa of scarcely 1400 inhabitants. It is placed in the Saw – South of the province of Seville (Piedemonte Subbético). And though it forms a part of a natural landscape of great beauty and interweaves diverse historical relevant episodes, rarely he turns out to be represented almost as a simple point scarcely perceptibly in the topographic or thematic maps of the province.

Flora and Fauna

In his landscapes, the water constitutes the common denominator following the course of the rivers Guadalete and Guadalporcún where we find a vegetation of very diverse bank: ash-trees (Fraxinus), black poplars (Populus nigra), whites (white Populus), etcIMG_8942

His flora is the richest predominating over the lentisco, the oaks, the gall oak, the wild olive tree, the broom and a great number of pines.

Close to the green route he is ” Shortly of the Vega “, cultural monument of Andalusia, to which it is calculated approximately 500 years of age which branches it can shelter approximately 2000 people where every year they celebrate the pilgrimage of The Virgin of Fátima.

Inside his fauna we can find numerous species known as the otter, the weasel, boars, squirrels and the tawny vulture that forms a very numerous colony in the whole Andalusia placed in Zaframagón’s crag. Also we can find black vultures, osprey, alimoches and after classes of eagles.

In the area of culture the Town hall proposes every season wide and varied offer of activities of sociocultural interest. Between these activities they are outlined:

- Tours and trips organized Greenways (exclusively on former railway lines).
- Displays the celebration of the European Day and National Day of greenways.
- Family bike gears are made throughout the area.
- Participation is proposed on different days dedicated to specific themes (women, seniors, youth …).

These activities include the most varied cultural offerings and target all segments of the population of the municipality.

The main objective is to provide our residents a recreational offer for the enjoyment of leisure, from a recreational, cultural perspective and fosters healthy values.

At the forefront of all activities is the Socio-Cultural instructor which can be contacted for any information.