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The garden of the Hawthorn cottage is located in Coripe, a village approximately 1 hour of the Sevillian Capital.How to get:

Enter from Huelva and Sevilla:
Take from the SE-30 of Seville, to Utrera exit through the highway A-376 (CTRA Sevilla – Costa del Sol) to Utrera and continue along A-375 direction El Coronil to Montellano, where the is-46 was taken up to Coripe.

Enter from Cádiz:
Address Jerez de la Fra, take the A-382 (CTRA Jerez – Antequera) to Arcos de la Fra., continue along the A-384 to Bornos, Villamartin, Puerto Serrano, where you take the A-375 until Montellano and continue on the be-446 to Coripe.

Enter from Cordoba and Jaen:
From the highway E-5 to Écija, then take the A-364 hata Marchena and in lazar with the direction A-361 Moron de la Frontera and take the C-339 to Coripen:

Enter from Almeria, Granada and Malaga:
From the Autovía A-92, last Puebla de Cazalla, take the A-371 and continue to Morón de la Frontera, and from Moron to Coripe C-339.

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